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Max Upload Photo Size: 20MB

Support real photo/anime-style picture/photo with multiple persons

What is Nudify?

“Nudify” refers to the process of digitally altering images to make a person appear nude, often using software or applications powered by artificial intelligence. This technology can analyze a clothed photo and generate a new version of the image where the subject appears to be undressed. The process involves sophisticated AI algorithms that can predict and simulate what a person might look like without clothes, based on the visible contours and shapes in the original photo.

How to Use Nudify?

  1. Select or Upload a Photo: Choose the photo you want to edit.  Remember, it’s crucial to have explicit consent from anyone who appears in the photo before proceeding.

  2. Apply the Nudify Feature: Use the app’s tools to apply the nudify effect. The app will process the image using its AI algorithms to create a version where the subject appears nude.

  3. Edit and Adjust: You can refine or adjust the results, such as smoothing edges or changing skin tones.

  4. Preview and Save: Once you are satisfied with the result, you can preview the final image. If it meets your expectations, you can save it to your device.

  5. Share or Export: The app offers options to share the edited image directly to social media or export it to your device’s storage.

Is Nudify Safe?
Does It Save Your Photos and Datas?

Our Nudify APP is 100% Safe and doesn’t collect or save any of users’ photos, datas, or personal information.

  1. Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy details how the app collects, uses, and stores your data, including photos. 

  2. Data Storage: We may store photos and data on our servers, temporarily for at most one week. All data will be deleted after processing.

  3. Data Usage: We don’t share data with third parties or uses it for purposes other than what you intended, like advertising or training AI models.

  4. Security Measures: We have robust security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, breaches, or leaks.

  5. Updates and Patches: We have regular updates and security patches to actively maintain the app and address potential security vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legality of using Nudify depends on how you use it and the laws of your country. Creating or sharing explicit images without consent can be illegal and unethical.

No, the image generated is not real. It is a simulated representation created by AI algorithms and should not be considered an accurate or truthful depiction of the subject.

To protect your privacy, use the app cautiously, avoid sharing personal information, and ensure that any images you edit are stored securely and not shared without consent.

Risks include potential privacy breaches, misuse of images, and legal repercussions. There’s also the risk of the images being accessed or leaked if the app’s security is compromised.

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